Neo Rauch – Francis Bacon

Er is geen enkele reden om niet geheel vrij de kunst te maken die bij je past, of die nu traditioneel is of niet. Als men bij Neo Rauch een link legt met Francis Bacon bewijst dit hoe herkauwd de oude kunst is en hoe sleets de hedendaagse.

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2 Reacties op “Neo Rauch – Francis Bacon

  1. I was not familiar with neo Rauch. Offhand, I’d say the resemblance to Bacon is a shallow one. From his paintings, which I looked at a small sampling on the Eigen+Gallerie website, I’d say he has the old Socialist Realist shtik down pat, but it seems a tad bit undigested.

    • Neo Rauch
      Yes, shallow. And there is this element of I’ve seen it all before, a compilation of elements and atmospheric settings that seemd to an extract from many painters. Delacroix mixed with Balthus and Velasquez a.o. but in technique that people who know no better and do not know the techniques the original painters mastered, call mistakenly “fabulous”.

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