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Donald Evans – Adjudani

Adjudani is een van de imaginaire landen waar Donald Evans ( 1945-1977) postzegels voor ontwierp op waar postzegelformaat in aquareltechniek. Een van de 7 Adjudani bladen was in mijn bezit, maar door geldnood geplaagd is hij bij Christies onder de hamer gegaan. Adjunani is one of the imaginary countries for which Donald Evans created real size watercolor stamps.One of the 7 Adjudani sheets was mine until I had to take it to Christies.

pictorials 001zwart

First pictorials (1929 style)

second pictorials 1938
Second pictorials (1938 style)

mijn adjuni
Third pictorials ( tourism 1960’s)

Donald Evans never set foot in Asia, but he loved to read about the Middle East, especially in British travel books. In his imagination Adjudani streched form Turkey to Tibet across an enormous, varied landscape: coast and desert, marsh and mountain. He even annexed Tibet as Adjudani’s Mountain Provinces in 1939.
He painted several series of views that show Adjudani’s landscape and way of life, its monuments and means of transportation – all set in a special Levantine frame. Donald Evans dated the monochromes, Adjudani’s first pictorials, 1929. They include real views of Iraq and Afghanistan, and he titled them in the catalogue: mountain valley; minaret; spear fishing; dhow; palms in a storm; poling through the marsh; desert landscape; minarets of Trebor; wheat field; camel caravan.
He painted the stamps of the 1938 issue in two colors and on them included ruins for the first time: ancient tomb; citadel; walls of Trebor; dhows; marshlands; coastal olive groves; view to the sea; oasis; ancient viaduct; fields of favas.
Donald Evans imagined that by the 1960’s Adjudani promoted tourist trade. The most recent issue has full-color views like these of the beautiful, unchanged countryside; fortress of Debora; cirtadel near Trebor; fishing boat; Royal Valley; desert; balancing rock; terraces; cavalier; beach; citadel of Prodan.

From the catalogue: Donald Evans.
text by
Willy Eisenhart
Uitgeverij Bert Bakker 1989

adjudani bootje op zee
Fishing boat , Adjudani

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